Frequently asked questions.

Landing that dream job questions

How does this program help me land a job?

This program prepares you for life. Job preparation is not about getting ready for one interview, it is the hard work, accumulated knowledge and work experience that is seen in your profile, resume, screening sessions, first interview, technical interviews and then once you have landing that role, the ongoing process of keeping that dream job. 

Our program develops a portfolio mentality, where your skills are diversified and can backup your claims with real world experience. 


How many hours do I need to dedciate?

The program is self paced. We recommend the following time schedules:

  • Tier 3 is 100% remote usually takes 1 to 2 months to complete.
  • Tier 2 is about building your professional portfolio which can take around 2 to 6 months. This depends on your work experience, competency and other factors such as time management and other personal factors
  •  Tier 1 is work experience and takes 20 hours per week. You can work remotely, however we recommend working in the office at least one day per week for guidance and support. 

Time questions

I only have six months left on my visa, how can this program help?
Six months is a short time, and we have seen some talented clients gain employment very fast. Interns who have a certification have an advantage, we advise to get working quickly and we will help you build your work portfolio and start preparing for job interviews ASAP.

Can I still work my normal 20, or more hours?
Yes, as this program does not affect your workable hours. This is career coaching and not a working relationship. We help you improve your job prospects by gaining the expected level of work experience local employers expect from you.



What if I move, what happens then?

We run these programs remotley and are looking at growing regionally. You would possibly help us grow into regional areas. There should be no issue, but check with your mentor. 


What if I sign up for one year and get a job within that time frame?

Assuming your job is the dream job, that is great! We can work out an arrangement where you can simply pay a exit fee, and we cease your agreement with us. 

Can I cancel at anytime? 

Yes, you can cancel at anytime, you would just need to pay the pro-rata fee or a cancellation fee which ever is cheaper for you. 


Is this an internship?

No, as internships are part of a course. You can ask your institution if this would suffice and we can cater any requirements around your course, but as a general rule of thumb this program is not part of any course. 


Am I a volunteer? 

No, you have paid for a career coach to help you increase your chances to get your dream role you want.


Skilled migration related questions

Do you offer any points for my permanent residency (PR)?

Possible. We are not immigratin consultants and you need to seek advice from your registered immigration consultant. Upon advice from your consultant we will assist in customising a program which may help you achieve your goals. 


Will you provide advice on immigration?
No, we are not registered immigration consultants and are unable to provide such advice. We recommend you consult the government and other professionals in this area and talk to us so we can tailor a program for you.


How do your services help with my visa application?
We believe the best way to obtain the right visa for you is to be sponsored by a local business. We help you increase those chances by acquiring the skills valued by many local businesses who may hire you.

Keep in mind that many local businesses who hire anyone can not guarantee residency as immigration decisions are at the discretion of the government. 


What can I expect once I have signed up?
You can expect to have a one-on-one consultation with a career coach which will design a personalised road map. You then login to the learning management System (LMS) complete your modules and continue the advice on the LMS. See this link for how the program works: advice: https://localcareercoach.com.au/how-it-works/


Once I finish the program will you employ and provide me with payslips?
No, although our program increases your chances of employment in general, we do not guarantee employment by us or any other company.

Applicants who have completed the program can apply like any other Australian applicant. 


If successful employees are entitled to payslips and other benefits under Australian labour laws. 

You can see our job opportunities here: https://localcareercoach.com.au/careers/ 






Money questions


What are the fees?
We charge accroding to your chosen career path. For example, a fresh graduate with no work experience who wants to work in an IT help desk’s skills and salary would be vastly different to a Cisco certified infrastructure architect. The fee you pay is based on these figures they range from $400 per month to over $1,000 per month as we need to pay your mentor accordingly. 


Can I still work my normal 20, or more hours?
Yes, as this program does not affect your workable hours. This is career coaching and not a working relationship. We help you improve your job prospects by gaining the expected level of work experience local employers expect from you.


Is paying for an internship worth it?

Maybe for some. Not everyone has the same skill set, motivations or social ability to get that dream job. However if you feel you can do it all on your own, you dont nee this program. 

Lets face it, when you are on a visa, your time is limited. Time is money and when you have around one year left on your visa and have applied to over 300 jopb applictions and not one job in IT. You probably need help. 



Experienced candidates get the best jobs > The best jobs sponsor you* 

*Research shows that candidates with experience are more succesfull than graduates with no work experience. We give you the work experience to land that amazing job. It is up to you to impress your employer that shows you are worth valauable to your employer and worth being sponsored. We do not guarantee you will be sponsored or get the 'best job' as each individual outcome is on a case-by-case basis. 



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Regional office: Gheringhap St, Geelong VIC 3220 



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