How it works?

You work through 3 tiers throughout the program. You must pass each tier before you progress to the next.

Students who have little to no work experience in Australia, we advise a 12 month long program as you would need to build a portfolio of soft and technical skills.

For more advanced students who have worked in IT (local and overseas), have passed English skills test such as IELST/PTE level 8 (or equivalent) you would probably benefit from a shorter more intense program. 

Program Explained

The program consists of three tiers. 

Each tier must be completed before progressing to the next.




Tier 3: Modules

100% Remote working
Length to complete is approximately 1 to 3 months, depending on the individual pace.  


The modules tier is a theoretical component which consist of videos and activities. You must pass all modules progressivley, in other words you can not skip modules as they build on each other.  

Modules to be completed.

Stage 1 modules: Foundations

Module 0: The initial interview, pre-commencement information

Module 1: Being a professional ICT consultant in Australia

Module 2: Work experience the DelCorp Data (DCD) way

Module 3: Soft skills 1: The individual and communication basics

Module 4: Soft skills 2: Being a team member, manager and leader


Stage 2 module: Becoming a specialist

Module 5: Portfolio Pieces – Planning a professional portfolio


Stage 3 modules: Economics of Things (EoT)

Module 6: Being a professional ICT consultant in modern times

Module 7: Economics, industries and the ICT industry

Module 8: Money matters: Being financially literate

Module 9: Your selected profession, industry and ICT subsector 

Module 10: Managing your own business

Module 11: Work experience tools and targets

Module 12: Work Experience




Tier 2: Folio

2 to 6 months to complete depending on individual competence and pace



The folio pieces represent you as a IT professional. We focus on building you as a IT consultant with a specialised area in the IT subsector. 


The folio pieces should^ follow the following framework: 

Folio pieces:  

  • Piece 1: Trade specific General piece where all graduates with you rqualification are expected to have this knowledge.
  • Piece 2: Specialist skill Showcase a large project which says you are a specialist in your field.
  • Piece 3:
  • 3a. Team work As an individual, this piece demonstrates how your individual skills contributed to the teams success.
    3b. Whitepaper In written words, a whitepaper demonstrating what IT related problems your skills solve. How you are unique compared to others?
  • Piece 4: Managerial How you will manage your time, reach goals, targets and manage misses targets and self-corrective behaviours. 
  • Piece 5: Leadership  How you were the exemplar, how you lead others, helped others reach their goals, how others followed you, you helped others and any volunteering experience.


^If you have other suggestion we are welcomed to accept suggestions. 

Tier 3: Work Experience 

3 months

Three months unpaid work experience works as below.

Your role of IT consultant/engineer essentially involves translating and explaining highly complex technical information to potential clients. You will focus on how your skills can solve specific problems faced by Australian businesses. This is a real life three month work experience program which you will be consulting to Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in metropolitan and regional growth areas**. (see regional link below).



Month 1: Client acquistion by building your pipeline
Month 2: Client acquistion and conversions
Month 3: Client acquistion folio and managing projects

Month 1: Client acquistion by building your pipeline. 

We focus on getting your name out there, letting business owners know you are a specialist in your field. Your reputation and folio links will be very handy. You are expected to build you pipeline through prospecting, networking and other proven methods. 


Month 2: Client acquistion and conversions 

As per month one and converting the prospects to ongoing projects. You will also focus on communication skills through understanding IT. 

Month 3: Client acquistion folio and managing projects

As per month one and two. In the third month it is expected you have built a clienttel list which you need to manage your client folio and projects.  


**Regional growth areas

Regional areas are inline with the government identified growth areas. You can see the regional areas here:

Skills developed 

You will develop the following essential job skills:

Soft skills such as client prospecting, business requirements, stakeholder meetings, management and manage implementation and problem solving. 

Technical skills such as requirements engineering, implementation of plans, key performance critiria reporting and budget control.

Commercialising skills such as bringing ideas to life, especially in regional and economic stimulus scenarios. 

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) states:

“Applicants with a track record of commercialising innovative ideas and bringing them to market will also be highly regarded.  


Certification hands-on skills* such as working in your respective area of trade certification. Example, AWS solutions architect will be expected to know and have some experience in this area. 

All the above will be worked on real projects, you can refer back to when you need proof of real world scenarios.


*If trade certification program is undertaken. 


Experienced candidates get the best jobs > The best jobs sponsor you* 

*Research shows that candidates with experience are more succesfull than graduates with no work experience. We give you the work experience to land that amazing job. It is up to you to impress your employer that shows you are worth valauable to your employer and worth being sponsored. We do not guarantee you will be sponsored or get the 'best job' as each individual outcome is on a case-by-case basis. 



Melbourne office: St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

Regional office: Gheringhap St, Geelong VIC 3220 



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