Flexible programs.

Most of the programs are conducted at your own self-pace. The timelines below are indicative and may be fast tracked or taken at a pace which suits you. 

Program Modules

1. Being an IT Professional in Australia

What does it mean to be an IT professional in Australian workplace? 

2. Points, work experience and paid work

How our system helps you get some points toward your Visa application. 

3. Soft skill 1: The individual and communication basics

How you conduct yourself and behave in the workplace matters. 

4. Soft skills 2: Being a team member, manager and/or leader

Most Australian employers expect you to real have team member experience.  

5. Portfolio pieces

Portfolio pieces are what make you stand out form the rest. Develop challenging and  important pieces all employers want.  

6. Being a professional IT consultant in the modern times

Being an IT consultant in modern times the industry and DCD. 

7. Money Matters

Managing your business, budgets and revenue. 

8. Economics, industries and the IT industry

How your skills are valued and how to predict what will be growth areas. 

9. your select industry/profession

How to succeed in your industry.

10. Your own business

Growing your name, profile, reputation and more. 

11. Work experience (client facing)

Work experience as an IT consultant. 

12. Final interview

Final interview to help you succeed.

Are you ready to ….


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